Genesis House

Self-Awareness in Action
A collective unleashing heroic creation.


House Culture

Social Accountability:
Guaranteeing we continue to push the boundaries on our most important goals is our priority. We’ll give housemates the freedom to set out the forms of accountability that they work best with and make sure strong support is present.

Spontaneous side projects:
The creative projects which spontaneously bubble up from insightful and talented housemates will be an invaluable part of our lifestyle.

Fantastic Conversation:
We’ll have a high signal low noise kind of relationship with one another, where we come away from most if not all conversations closer to our goals and who we intend to become. Conversations about information theory, neuroscience, psychology, and other ideas that enhance our lives come first.


Post COVID, we intent to be a hub of productive creation and intellectual progress. 

Genesis will be the place to regularly run fantastic intellectual growthful events, like:

- Math Night

- Systematizing Creativity

- Inspired Autodidacts

- Reading Club

- Abstraction Seminar

- The Future of Machine Intelligence

- ML Hackathons

- Deugenesis

And more.


House Values

House Values

We are Genesis, a collective of founders and scientists building a higher tomorrow. We intend to create incredible insights, tools, and institutions which fundamental alter the trajectory of humanity for the better. To that end, we have the tenets of the house that we promise to adhere to. These are:

  1. The Creation and Expression of New Values: Express a life beyond known values & identities.

  2. Creation & Creativity:  Creation as the path to improving humanity's trajectory.

  3. Action Bias: Default to favor decisive action.

  4. Learning & Knowledge: Understanding is fundamental to everything we value.

  5. Community​​: Invested, lasting relationships that grow the people around us.​​

  6. Conceptual Depth: The way we represent our reality determines our conception of the way our world is ordered.

  7. Technical Depth: Through which the nature of reality is revealed and engaged. 

It can be as important to define what you are for as what you are against.

We reject:

  • Stasis, Sclerosis & Complacency

  • Unreflectively Relenting to Incentives

  • Undue Respect for Antiquated Social Norms


What We Do

We are a set of Founders, Researchers at Google Brain and OpenAI, and Thiel Fellows.


Come Create with Us

If you're creating something you expect to substantively move humanity forward, let us know.

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